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Citroën Holdings owns many premium domain names that may be available for development

The founder Frans Citroën started Citroën Holdings in 2021 with the aim to develop premium domains into digital kingdoms. His previous venture URLU Free Zone, LLC was a marketplace/brokerage with over 2500 domains for sale at its peak, like,,, and many more. He now owns premium domain names that may be available for lease, joint venture, equity, royalties, partnership or other strategic transactions. We must emphasize that we never sell our premium domains proactively. We are planning to develop these domains one at a time for future projects. But in the meanwhile if you are interested in any domain name or have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. We may work out a deal or you could help us develop these domains. These are potentially game changing brands waiting to flourish. Please state which domain(s) you are interested in and what plans you have.


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Frans is easily the most accommodating seller I have worked with to date. The entire transaction process, from bidding to transfer, was flawless. I look forward to doing further business together. “



Kevin Fink

Former Director of Domains at


Frans has been an active player in the domain name aftermarket for a number of years. During the times I have worked with him he always showed that he has a knack for acquiring and selling domain names that make for terrific brands.


Doron Vermaat

Co-founder at

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for experienced and well-funded parties, with great business ideas to develop our premium domain names  into digital empires.

What is the value of our domains?

We own domains ranging from 6 to 7 figures in value. See past domain sales as a reference point. If you have a great and profitable enough idea, you could use our domain names basically for “free”.

Which deals can be made?

We may work out an equity deal and partnership or other strategic transactions. Inquire here. We are open-minded and flexible to creative business opportunities.


Domains are fundamental to your business growth and survival

Everybody is going online, so now it is possible to reach potential clients around the world with just one web address 24/7. Your company will save tons of money. You do not need to rent or buy multiple brick and mortar stores and spend tons on tv/radio ads and billboards in each city. Now you can do online advertising and have a great domain name as the foundation of your company. Read more.

Even Fortune 500 companies failed by not going online

Look at what happened to Sears, they did not put their famous catalog online, and so won the race, or worse, Sears was not even in the game and failed to adapt early on. Sears filed for bankruptcy in 2018.

Blockbuster declined a proposal to work together with Netflix. According to former Netflix’s CFO Barry McCarthy  “Blockbuster just laughed us out of their office”. Later Netflix and Blockbuster did work together and Netflix offered itself for sale. But the new Blockbuster CEO James Keyes did not see the value of having an online presence. Blockbuster missed a golden opportunity and filed for bankruptcy in 2010.