Mission Statement

It is Citroën Holdings’ mission to bring people together online by developing premium domain names into global leading businesses, unlocking their true potential power. 


The Founder, a digital specialist, Frans Citroën (LinkedIn) has 10+ years experience in the Domain Name industry. With a Bachelor of Commerce focused in International Strategic Marketing.


If you have a great business idea, then our premium domains names may be available for lease, joint venture, equity or other strategic business transactions. Contact us for more information.


At Citroën Holdings, we believe that the foundation of your company lies within your brand name and online presence. The future is truly digital and becoming more and more important with time.


Branding is a perception in the mind of customers. It is the first thing they see or hear. Great domains create instant trust and value. People identify with your brand name and establish long term relations.


A memorable, brand-able and easy to spell .COM address is vital to your business growth and survival. Domains are digital assets, they are the real estate of the internet. The value increases over time.


Take advantage of this golden opportunity and develop our premium domain names. Many of our domains have never been available on the aftermarket before and may never be available again.