The premium domain name that got you here may be available for lease, equity or other business opportunities, inquire below.


Citroën Holdings believes in the power of digital assets. Premium domain names help a company achieve instant brand recognition, boost a business, and exponentially accelerate value creation. As the century progresses, more and more people are going online and thus the value of domain names appreciates. It is just a matter of time, that the whole world has internet. 

Companies can reach potential customers with just one web address, instead of renting or buying hundreds of brick and mortar shops in different cities. Now you can lease online real estate with our available domain names. As if your company is present in all the busiest major cities in the world simultaneously, with just a click of a button. 

If your business does not own a memorable, brand-able and easy to spell .COM domain, it will be much harder to compete and make money in this modern age. Look at what happened to Sears, they did not want to go online, and so won the digital race or worse, Sears was not even in the game! 



Available domain names for strategic transactions:



We never sell our premium domains.

We never sell our premium domain names, but we are open to opportunities for equity, joint venture, lease or other strategic transactions. We are looking for experienced and well-funded parties who understand the value of domain names and who share our vision for leveraging our domains for maximum profit.

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* In your inquiry state which domain name(s) you are interested in and what plans your company has for the domain name(s). Only serious offers are considered.